Records Management

This policy establishes the general responsibilities for management, retention, and disposition of Virginia Commonwealth University records as mandated by the Virginia Public Records Act (VPRA), Code of Virginia § 42.1-76–§ 42.1-91. This policy supports the following objectives:

  • Compliance, which governs the creation, maintenance, and disposition of public records.
  • Procedures, guidelines, systems, and business practices that facilitate the creation, backup, preservation, filing, storage, and disposal of records of all formats.
  • Risk Reduction of unintended disclosure of sensitive or confidential information.
  • Retention and protection of essential and historical information about the university.
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All records, regardless of format, must be retained and destroyed according to the state-mandated record retention schedule unless subject to a longer retention period by other superseding authority; a record hold; or deemed a permanent record. University records may not be destroyed because of lack of space or funding for storage.

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Records Management Policy

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